Why U-Haul Trucks All have Arizona License Plates?

U-Haul trucks dominate the moving industry, and they’re instantly recognizable by their trademark orange and white exterior design and the Arizona license plates that adorn each of their vehicles. But why are U-Haul trucks all registered in Arizona?

U-Haul trucks All have Arizona License Plates because U-Haul company which has been based in Phoenix since 1967, registers all its rental trucks in Arizona.

u-haul-moving-truck with Arizona license plates

The answer can be traced back to the company’s humble beginnings in the 1930s. The original business model was founded by Leonard Shoen and his wife, Anna Mary Carty, based on a fleet of trucks that helped Arizonans move across state lines. To make it easier to travel state borders with their trucks, Leonard registered them in his home state – a decision that eventually became part of U-Haul lore and tradition.

This tradition continues today, making U-Haul one of the few companies maintaining such consistency in their vehicle registration for many years. By registering all its vehicles in one place, U-haul can easily organize its fleet and maintain a sense of unity among its franchises nationwide. The move also allows the company to take advantage of special tax incentives from Arizona’s Department of Transportation (ADOT).

In addition to making business sense for U-Haul, there are some distinct advantages for customers using the company’s services. For example, having an Arizona license plate makes it easy for customers driving cross country on I-10 or I-40 to quickly confirm they’ve rented from an authentic U-Haul franchisee versus an impersonator. It also helps with customer service; if you ever need assistance driving your U-Haul truck cross country, you can always call our 24/7 roadside assistance line at 1 800 GO UHAUL – no matter what state you’re in!

At this point, it looks like Leonard Shoen’s original decision is here to stay – 80 years later, U-Haul trucks continue to have Arizona license plates. While this may seem strange at first glance, there are several reasons why this unique practice makes sense both for the company and its customers. Thanks to its commitment to consistency over time, renters can feel confident knowing they’re getting a genuine U-Haul experience wherever they go!

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Robert Aksamit

Robert Aksamit

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