What Does FP Mean on a License Plate? – Illinois FP license plate

Recently, I saw that in Ohio, there are still DUI license plates or “whiskey plates.” You can get these license plates if you have been convicted of driving under the influence. If we think a bit, there are various license plates in the US, and each State has its own rules, plate letters, and design.

What Does FP mean on a license plate?

FP on the license plate means “fleet plate” or “fleet permanent.”  Usually, fleet plates can get motor vehicles owned or leased by a company, government agency, or other organization rather than some individual. US states such as Illinois or Oregon offer fleet plates.

illinois fp licence plates example

For example, FP on Illinois license plate means feet plate that can get public utilities, car rental companies, taxicab companies, police departments, and public bus companies. Many businesses purchase or lease fleet vehicles to deliver goods to customers or sales representatives to travel to clients.

In some countries, a grey fleet is a title given to personal vehicles used for business purposes. Usually, employee-owned cars with a grey fleet are regularly used for business travel.

The fleet manager or Transport manager manages vehicles using fleet management software. In addition, vehicles may be connected to a fleet telematics system through a Fleet Management System or FMS.

In the US, you can make applications for fleet plates.

Illinois Fleet License Plate

Illinois FP plate represents a permanent fleet plate leased or owned by a government agency or a company in Illinois. F letter is located on the leftmost side of the license plate, while the letter P is situated right below the letter F. State name “Illinois” is centered on the top position of the plate.

See below this image of what Illinois license plate FP looks like:

fp illinois license plate


How to get an Illinois FP license plate?

To get an FP license plate in Illinois, you need to contact the Illinois Department of Central Management Services at the address and number below:
CMS Vehicles
200 East Ash
Springfield, IL 62704
8 AM – 4:30 PM
(217) 782-2536

Interesting fact:

The US state of Illinois first required its residents to register their motor vehicles in 1907. Registrants provided their license plates for display until 1911 when the state-issued plates. The Illinois Secretary of State currently gives plates.

Illinois License Plates Types with Examples and Exceptions:
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What do the vertical letters on an Illinois license plate mean?

See the image of Illinois license plate vertical letters examples and what Illinois plates look like:

illinois license plates examples full list - fp on license plate - what do Illinois plates look like

How to get a license plate without insurance?

You must register your car in New Hampshire or Virginia to get a license plate without insurance. All other States will not give you a license plate without insurance. State New Hampshire requires proof of ownership, residency, odometer disclosure statement, and payment of fees, while Virginia requires a title registration form VSA 14.

What does B mean on the Illinois license plate?

Letter B on the Illinois license plate means Second Division vehicles weighing 8,000 pounds or less.

What does B mean on the Illinois license plate - Truck B

How do I get an Illinois State Police license plate?

To get police license plates in Illinois, visit www.cyberdriveillinois.com or call 800-252-8980. Additionally, you can fill out registration application forms in person at most Secretary of State facilities.

Can you get a license plate without insurance?

No, you can not get a license plate without insurance in the US because you still need car insurance to drive legally. However, during registration, you do not need to provide car insurance in the following US States: Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin.

In the end, let us see the Illinois car registration fee:

Illinois license plate renewal fee of 2022

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Illinois FP plate vs. Oregon Fleet License Plate

While in Illinois, we have an FP mark for “fleet permanent” plates, in Oregon, permanent plates are PF plates.

Oregon PF plate represents a permanent fleet plate leased or owned by a government agency or a company in Oregon.  On the top position of the plate is the State name “Oregon,” while at the bottom is “Permanent Fleet.” Oregon PF plate has a yellow background and blue text.


Oregon PF plate - permanent fleet

Illinois FP plate vs. Florida Fleet License Plate

In Florida, FP does not refer to fleet vehicles like Illinois plates because the license plates in Florida have a distinctive color. Florida plates have the word “Fleet” right at the bottom, while “Florida” is in the top position of the Florida permanent plate.

Florida fleet plate

Illinois FP plate vs. California Fleet License Plate.

California fleet license plate does not use acronyms FP. or PF. Because they have stickers placed at the upper right portion of the California plate, while Illinois plates have acronyms FP, on California stickers, we can see vertically written words “PFR.”

California permanent fleet licence plate

Let us see Illinois license plates in the following images:
illinois license plates guide list 1

Illinois specialty license plates:

illinois speciality license plates

Illinois military license plates:

illinois military license plates

Illinois commercial truck public transportation license plates:

illinois commercial truck public tranportation license plates


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