What Do Arizona License Plates Look Like?

Arizona license plates come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. The state has an official plate design but also allows specialty designs.

The standard Arizona license plate has been unchanged since 1983 and consists of a blue background with yellow lettering. The top of the plate reads “Grand Canyon State,” while the bottom reads “Arizona.” The center line is solid white and contains the state seal in yellow with blue outlines. To the seal’s right is a seven-character alphanumeric serial number in yellow letters on a black background. Each county has a different prefix for its county’s plates. For example, Maricopa County’s plates begin with “52”.

In addition to the standard license plate, Arizona offers various specialty plates which can be customized to feature logos or images from universities or organizations such as military branches, veterans’ groups, law enforcement organizations, rescue organizations, and more. These specialty plates often have unique backgrounds that differ from standard Arizona plates.

arizona license plate

Arizona also offers Personalized Plates for drivers looking for something even more personal than a specialty license plate, which allows drivers to customize their letter and number combinations up to seven characters long. All character combinations are subject to approval by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Whether outfitting your car with an official Grand Canyon State plate or showing off your favorite sports team with one of many specialized designs available in Arizona – you don’t have to look far for some eye-catching license plates! All these options make it easy for drivers in Arizona to express themselves while out on the roadways!

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Robert Aksamit

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