What Does Arkansas License Plate Look Like?

Arkansas license plates have a distinct look that makes them immediately recognizable to anyone who has seen them. The plates feature the state’s iconic diamond logo and various other logos and designs. All the plates are white with blue lettering and graphics, making them easy to identify from afar.

Arkansas license plate

The standard Arkansas license plate features the state’s official flag logo at the top left corner. Below it is the phrase “The Natural State,” which is often used to describe Arkansas due to its beautiful landscape and diverse flora and fauna. To the right of this phrase is a large diamond graphic, with “ARKANSAS” written inside in all capital letters. Below is another smaller diamond graphic, followed by the county name in black letters on a white background.

Specialty license plates are also available in Arkansas for a nominal fee. These feature designs range from sports teams to military branches to local attractions or organizations. Some of these plates are dedicated to specific causes or organizations, such as breast cancer awareness or veterans’ affairs. Other specialty plates feature images of wildlife native to Arkansas, including bald eagles, whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and more. Some may even have a different slogan beneath the image that sums up the organization or cause represented by the plate.

Although Arkansas license plates may look simple at first glance, there is quite a little detail within them. From special slogans and logos to county names and wildlife images, there is something for everyone on an Arkansas license plate!

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