How Do I Get a Handicap License Plate in Arizona?

Those living with a disability in Arizona may be eligible to obtain a handicap license plate. This type of plate provides individuals with the accessibility they need while driving. To get one of these plates, it is necessary to follow specific steps and meet certain criteria.

To start the process, individuals must already have an Arizona driver’s license or identification card issued by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). It is also essential for them to have their vehicle registered within Arizona as well. Once established, they may begin the application process for their handicapped license plate.

How Do I Get a Handicap License Plate in Arizona?

To get Handicap License Plate in Arizona, you must apply using form #96-0143, which is available online. Additionally, the form must be signed by an Arizona physician, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, audiologist, or hospital administrator. It would help if you were approved and got the plate free of charge.

Handicap License Plate in Arizona

The first step of this process is obtaining a medical certification form from an authorized healthcare provider in Arizona. The form must be signed by an Arizona physician, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, audiologist, or hospital administrator to be valid. This medical certification form will then need to be presented at any MVD office location, along with proof of residency in Arizona and of lawful presence in the United States if applicable.

Once all this information has been verified and accepted by the MVD office staff members, applicants may proceed with making payment for their new plate. Standard handicap plates are available free of charge. Still, there is an additional fee for personalized plates, ranging from $25 to $50, depending on whether it is a standard or specialty plate. If applicants do not wish to personalize their plate, then no payment will be required at this time, but if they choose to make a personalized plate, compensation may be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card at any time MVD office location.

It is also possible for individuals who have lost their handicap plates due to theft or destruction to replace them at no extra cost as long as they can provide proof that the original plates were indeed lost through an official police report or other forms of the documentation supplied by MVD offices such as affidavit forms and so on. For remakes requested via postal mail, there will be an additional fee associated, including postage/handling expenses and a $5 remake fee per plate.

In conclusion, those living with disabilities in Arizona are eligible for handicapped license plates if they meet specific requirements and complete all the above steps. It should also be noted that these regulations may change over time. Hence, applicants need to stay up-to-date on any changes that could affect their eligibility status when applying for handicapped license plates in Arizona.

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