What Does an Alabama License Plate Look Like?

Alabama license plates are an iconic state symbol and can be seen driving around cities and towns across the Deep South. The plates feature a unique design instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the region.

What Does an Alabama License Plate Look Like?

The old standard design of an Alabama license plate includes a yellow field in the center, surrounded by a black border. At the top of the plate is “Alabama,” written in bold white lettering, followed by “Heart of Dixie,” written in smaller letters just underneath it. In addition, there is also an image of a pelican, which is a symbol for both Alabama and Louisiana. On either side of the plate are two numbers and letters representing specific information about the vehicle owner or vehicle itself.

alabama plate heart of dixie

The design on Alabama license plates has been relatively unchanged since they were first issued in 1951. However, over time there have been several minor changes made to help keep up with modern times. For example, in 1976, the state started issuing bicentennial plates with a navy blue background instead of yellow. They recently began offering specialty plates featuring images such as college mascots or military emblems.

How much is the license plate in Alabama in 2023?

A standard Alabama passenger license plate costs $23 plus a $1.25 issuance fee. However, you can also pay for vanity plates, which cost $50 extra per year.

In addition to their standard design, Alabama also offers vanity plates with custom combinations for drivers who want to add personality to their vehicles’ looks. Vanity plates typically feature six numbers and letters chosen by the owner and cost $50 extra per year after being approved by AL DMV officials. Finally, drivers can purchase personalized special registration marks (SRM), which cost $100 extra per year and may include up to seven characters, including spaces and punctuation marks such as hyphens or parentheses. These SRM plates must also meet specific guidelines set by AL DMV officials before being approved for use on a vehicle in public places within the state.


New Alabama license plates have a beach scene instead of a mountain scene and have “www.alabama.travel” on the bottom.



alabama plate license

Overall, Alabama license plates provide visitors and residents with a visual representation of one of America’s most historic states – one that has played an essential role in American history since it joined the union as its 22nd state way back in 1819!

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