What Does Alaska License Plate Look Like?

Alaska license plates come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the vehicle type they are used for. The most common plate type is the standard issue plate issued to passenger vehicles. This standard Alaska license plate features a flying eagle with the word ALASKA along the bottom in bold lettering. The design also incorporates a scenic mountain range, wave-like lines, and other details that provide a unique touch to this license plate.

The colors of an Alaska license plate are usually blue and white, although other colors may be available for particular purposes or vanity plates at an additional cost. The state’s motto, “North to the Future,” appears along the top edge of all plates in bold lettering. The first two characters on an Alaska standard license plate will indicate which part of the state it was issued from, such as South Central or Interior regions.

alaska old north future plate

Motorcyclists can choose smaller motorcycle plates that feature only their registration number, typically formatted in five digits (1AB123). Other specialty plates like an amateur radio station (call sign) or personalized vanity plates may also be available for additional fees. Depending on availability, these will either feature custom artwork or even just the owner’s initials plus three or four numbers after it.

For those who want their Alaska license plate to stand out from the crowd, there is also an option for reflective plates printed on aluminum alloy. This material provides superior durability and helps make these plates more visible during nighttime driving. These reflective license plates also feature a holographic image of Alaska’s State Seal and its motto, “North To The Future,” printed along its bottom edge in bright white ink that stands out against its dark background color.

Additionally, new Alaska license plates have mountains in the background:

alaska license plate mountain

As we can see, Alaska’s new license plates feature the state name “ALASKA” at the top, followed by the license plate number, with a unique design featuring mountains, forests, and wildlife, such as moose and bears, in the background. The colors used on Alaska license plates are blue, green, and white, with the word “The Last Frontier” at the bottom.

In addition to these traditional styles of Alaska license plates, many drivers opt to enter into a vehicle registration renewal program to keep their registration up-to-date without continually renewing their existing plate each year. Under this program, drivers can keep their current plate while receiving updated stickers indicating that their vehicle is adequately registered every year until they decide to cancel this service program or move away from the state altogether.

Whether you’re looking for something standard and straightforward or more elaborate and personalizable, you should have no trouble finding an Alaska license plate design that perfectly fits your style!

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