How to Reset Oil Light on Car?

Modern cars nowadays are built with a lot of facilities. Therefore, they are most likely to let you know if something has gone wrong with the vehicle. To find out which issues are going on in the car, you can look at the odometer reading in the car. The odometer reading tells you the essential things to understand about the vehicle’s various functions.

One of the essential features of modern cars is when it is time to change the engine oil. It is possible that perhaps people know when to change the engine, depending on the run time of the car and the period that has passed since the last change of engine oil.

The indicator on the odometer reading will let you know when it is time to change the engine oil. This is also known as the maintenance light. However, it often happens that even after changing the engine oil, the morning or the indicator is turned on, and it does not turn back off. There is also no other button or any other way through which you can turn off the indicator light. This might be perplexing for you as it can be annoying to see the light turned on. However, another issue with the indicator light being turned on is that you cannot know when it is time to change the engine oil for real.

Most of the time, in this case, you are required to reset the light to turn it off and then back on again when needed.

This article will walk you through the steps required to turn the engine oil light indicator off. You can follow the steps below to ensure that the engine light is turned off. If none of these steps work, you can look up the reader’s manual for the car or take your vehicle to an expert or a mechanic who can assist you professionally.


How to Reset Oil Light on Car?

To reset the oil light on the car, you need to put the key in, turn the key, but without starting the ignition. Then, pump the gas at least three times with your leg, like the video above. After that, turn the key back and turn off the car. In the next step, start ignition, and you will see a reset oil light on the vehicle. However, if this does not succeed, then do the following four steps:

  • Reset Button

First of all, you need to locate the reset button in your car. The reset button in the vehicle is usually near the dashboard or the gauge area. Therefore, you can search for both areas to locate the reset button.

Once you find the reset button, you should put the car key in the keyhole and ignite it. First, however, you should ensure that the engine is not started yet.

  • Set the odometer

The car’s odometer is essential to know how much distance the car has traveled. For this, different settings are given to understand and indicate the length and petrol consumed. You should turn on the odometer setting until the car’s mileage is not shown. Once the car’s mileage is shown on the odometer display, you should turn the ignition off.

  • Start the ignition while pressing the reset.

In the third step, you should first press the reset button located in the first step. After you have pressed the reset button, you should start your car’s ignition. When this happens, you will notice that the engine oil light will appear and likely keep blinking. In this case, you should make sure that the light keeps blinking for some seconds. After letting it blink for some seconds, you should stop pressing the reset button and simultaneously turn the ignition of the car off as well.

  • Start the car

After completing the three steps given above, you should start the car and the ignition and start the engine. The oil change light should be turned off at this stage. However, if you see that the light is turned on or blinking, you should try the process twice. If it still does not work for you, the easiest way is to take the car to an expert who will fix the issue. Apart from this, you should also look up the information given in the reader’s manual.

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