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If you are an ultimate vehicle enthusiast, you may be familiar with the comparison of 9005 and H11 bulbs and the arguments it draws from most experts and enthusiasts. For your clarity, vehicles of all kinds and models consist of headlights. No such news to you, right? What is more, headlights comprise low and high beam lights. The difference between these stated beams of lights is what sets the 9005 and H11 bulbs apart. The low beam light, known as the standard headlight, emits from the H11 bulbs, while the latter, which is more powerful and illuminates a stronger beam of high intensity, is emitted from the 9005 bulbs. Let’s touch on the detailed notes as you know the difference now.

H11 vs. 995 vs. 9006 light bulbs


Is 9005 the Same As H11?

If we compare H11 vs. 9005,  the 9005 bulbs differ from the H11  based on illumination power, Watts, durability, and compatibility with the other bulbs. 9005 bulbs have 65W power, 12 V voltage, and from 2000 up to 4000 lumens, while the H11 bulb has 55W and 1200 lumen.

In light of those mentioned above, the 9005 LED bulbs and the H11 LED bulbs differ on various levels. These light projectors are not the same. On the one hand, H11 headlight bulbs are of standard quality, as they illuminate a low beam of light, while the 9005 bulbs tend to illuminate your vehicle’s headlight more intensely with a high beam. Besides their intensities, their durability also differs. The approximate lifetime of a high beam, 9005 LED bulb is 50000 hours, meaning it can operate for more than 2 hundred days!

On the other hand, a standard H11 bulb would operate for 3000 hours before dying, around 125 days. According to the stated, the 9005 and H11 bulbs are pretty different. Furthermore, these bulbs contradict each other based on their Watt power. The 9005 LED bulbs consist of 65 Watts power, which enables a high illumination, whereas the H11 bulbs have a Wattage of 55 Watts. The 9005 bulbs are compatible with numerous other bulbs, including H10, 9040, 9055, HB3, 9145, and 9150 bulbs. On the contrary, the H11 bulbs are only compatible with H8, H9, and H16. Besides their differences, these bulbs are the best in their sector, providing high-quality low and high beams.

Are Low Beam And High Beam The Same Bulb?

A vehicle’s low and high beams headlights are not controlled by one bulb. Low beams are emitted by the H11 bulbs, whereas the 9005 bulbs emit high beams.

According to the abovementioned sentiments, low beams and high beams from a vehicle’s headlights are illuminated by two different bulbs: the 9005 LED bulbs and H11 LED bulbs. As the article noted, the H11 bulbs are responsible for the low beams emitting from the vehicle’s headlights, and the 9005 bulbs are responsible for the high beams. Even though the 9005 bulbs can be fitted in place of H11 and would give not-so-satisfying results, these bulbs do not concern both of the mentioned beams. The bulbs differ just as much as the beams of light differ.

How To Install H11 Led Headlights?

Installing H11 LED headlights is relatively easy and is often referred to as Plug and Play. Here is how you do it.

  • Step 1: Halogen bulb check:
    Check the halogen bulb attachment for any damage. Remove the headlamp component from the car if the inspection is impossible or the space is too small. Follow the vehicle’s instruction manual when changing or removing the halogen headlamp bulb.
  • Step 2: Removing the Halogen bulb:
    Rotate the bulb in the other direction. Take out the bulb. To release the bulb, press the tab. Pull the socket from the bulb while continuing to push the tab.
  • Step 3: Installing the H11 LED bulb:
    Align the LED bulb with the three groves before inserting it into the headlamp. To keep the LED bulb in place, turn it clockwise.
  • Step 4: Angle check:
    Ensure the LED elements and the yellow LED element reflection are level when facing the front of the car. If the LED element reflection is not level or straight, remove the setscrew and use the provided hex wrench to readjust the socket’s angle. Replace your bulb after adjusting the angle. After adjusting, check if there is no wobbling.
  • Step 5: Connecting the connector and fixing the harness:
    Connect the LED bulb connector to the connector on the car. Completely insert the connector and set the lock pin. Make sure the connector is firmly attached. If the harness is too long, use a regular cord clip to secure it. Allow for some flexibility in the harness to enable headlamp leveler movement, etc. Replace the headlight unit if it has been removed. If the connector does not lock in, secure the connection with electrical tape.
  • Step 6: Light check:
    Perform a light check by turning on the engine and switching the headlights.

What Vehicle Uses H11 Bulbs?

H11 LED type bulbs are prevalent among the low beam bulbs, usually installed in Toyota Tacoma models, Ford Rangers, and Honda Civics.

The utilization and installation of H11 bulbs are common in modern cars, as they give the best standard light for the driver’s aid. According to the latest H11 installation stats, the vehicles that use the H11 LED bulbs are the Toyota Tacoma series, especially the models ranging from 2012 to 2015. H11 LED bulbs are also commonly found in Ford Rangers and Honda Covic’s 2012 to 2016 models. Besides the mentioned vehicle, H11 bulbs can be installed in any vehicle or any model.

What Vehicle Does A 9005 Bulb Fit?

9005 LED-type bulbs are one of the best options for installing high beam light in a vehicle’s headlights. Many known motor companies use these bulbs, including Toyota, Nissan, Ford, etc.

As stated previously in the article, 9005 LED bulbs are frequently used in vehicles, especially the new modern ones. The cars that use these headlight bulbs are Nissan, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, Ford, Acura, Scion, etc. These bulbs provide the best quality high beams, which are more than suitable for the noted modern cars. Many Chrysler drivers also have mentioned utilizing the 9005 bulbs quite preferably.

Can I Use 9005 Instead Of H10?

Yes, you can use a 9005 LED bulb to support your car’s headlights instead of an H10 bulb, as it proves to be more powerful and have proficient results.

According to the motor experts, the 9005 LED bulbs and the H10 LED bulbs are almost identical to the high beam from the vehicle’s headlights. To provide the best results for your car, it is preferable to install a 9005 LED bulb in place of an H10 because 9005 tends to give better results and promises good quality and more extended durability. According to some experiences, they have installed the 9005 bulbs instead of H10 and are pretty satisfied with the results and how the LED bulbs run. Furthermore, 9005 bulbs are handy during foggy views and are ten times more prevalent than H10 bulbs.

Are H11 Bulbs For Fog Lights?

H11 LED bulbs can be utilized for fog lights for safe and precise driving, as they provide an efficient low beam for dark roads and circumstances.

Driving through rainy weather and mists can be troublesome, especially since you cannot see the road clearly due to the fogginess. To avoid any disturbances and occurrences of accidents, fog lights were invented. Now, the question is, what bulbs can be used as fog lights? To inform you about the best option, H11 LED headlights can be used and installed as fog lights as their low beams are very useful when driving through mists and fog. Some experts also say that the sole reason for developing H11 bulbs is to go through fogs.

Can You Use Led Fog Lights For Headlights?

You cannot use fog lights as headlights because fog lights are auxiliary lights installed in your vehicle to provide straight and narrow light, supplying illumination to the space in front of your car. In contrast, proper headlights illuminate your surroundings and give a sense of illusion to every vehicle around you.

After reading those mentioned above, you must be mentally prepared to be safe rather than sorry and install fog lights as your permanent headlights. For clarity, never use fog lights instead of headlights for many reasons. Firstly, headlights are your car’s leading driving lights, placed in the middle of the vehicle and built to highlight a wide area of the road and automobiles ahead. In contrast, fog lights are smaller backup lights situated under the bumper illuminating the road directly in front of the vehicle. In foggy situations, fog lights are critical for safe driving, but in typical everyday situations, headlights are necessary.

Are There Different Types Of H11 Bulbs?

Yes, there are three different types of H11 bulbs: the H11 Standard Halogen Replacement Headlight Bulb, the H11 2.0TB Twin Blister, and the H11 SilverStar Ultra-High-Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb.

If we look in a particular way, there are only three types of H11 LED bulbs. It may come surprisingly to you, but low beams bulbs are only three types. These three types vary from each other accordingly, including their provided names. These are the H11 2.0TB Twin Blister, the H11 Standard Halogen Replacement Headlight Bulb, and the H11 SilverStar Ultra-High-Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb. These bulbs also differ based on price, warranty, and durability.

What Is The Wattage Of A 9005 Bulb?

The exact Wattage of a 9005 bulb is stated to be 65 Watts.

The same power and the Wattage can be beneficial to know about bulbs, especially since we are purchasing them as they would provide the required light from our vehicle’s headlights. As mentioned in the article above, the 9005 LED headlight bulbs are renowned and probably one of the best options for high beam light. The quality of such beam emitting from the 9005 bulbs, and for such an extended period, is all due to its Watt energy. A single 9005 LED bulb holds the capacity of 65 Watt power, which provides intense light beams and a more extended running period.

How Many Watts Is A H11 Bulb?

The Wattage of a single H11 LED bulb is reportedly 55 Watts.

The H11 LED headlight bulbs, as noted previously above, hold a capacity of 55 Watts, making the bulb a good option for low-beam headlights and long durability. According to some reviews by the experiences, H11 bulbs are the most efficient options for low beam headlights as, due to their Wattage, they provide the best low-intensity headlight required. These bulbs are also suitable for use by any vehicle.

Will A 9005 Bulb Fit A 9012 Socket?

No, a 9005 high beam light, an LED bulb, cannot be fitted in the place of a 9012 socket because each of the bulbs and their sockets varies according to their developed sizes.

The sockets of a vehicle’s headlight differ according to the bulb size. For a socket size suitable for a 9012 LED bulb, a 9005 bulb would not be able to get fixed in its place as the size and width would differ, in addition to the lumens power emitted by each of the stated LED bulbs.

How Long Is A H11 Halogen Bulb?

An H11 standard LED bulb is stated to have a length of 2.657 inches or 67.5 millimeters.

A single H11 Halogen standard bulb is usually long in structure and is notably 2.657 inches or 67.5 mm in length. These bulbs have a diameter of 9 mm or 0.354 inches, respectively. The size of an H11 bulb makes it fixable in a car’s headlights.

Will A 9005 Work In H11?

A 9005 bulb can indeed work in place of an H11 as they both have similar built and are structurally patterned the same.

The headlight bulbs in question, the 9005 bulbs, and the H11 bulb, have the same size and length, despite having different characteristics and attributes. If you prefer having low beams as high, you might attempt situating a 9005 LED bulb in place of H11 as it works and gives a high beam of lights. However, the results are satisfactory as most drivers prefer low beams from an H11.

Does H11 Work As High Beam?

No, H11 bulbs work as low beam headlights as they have low Wattage, and their durability is shorter than high beam headlight bulbs.

The article states countless times that an H11 bulb would emit a low beam from your car’s headlights. They are specially built to provide low-intensity lights usually used for everyday driving or driving through misty or foggy areas. H11 bulbs by no means work as a high beam projector.

A 9005 LED bulb and an H11 LED bulb to vary on many levels but appear quite similar. Through this in-depth guide, I hope you can choose your vehicle’s headlight accordingly and with a much more educated approach.

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