How Much Oil Does A Kawasaki Prairie 360 Take?

Motorcycles, including All-Terrain Vehicles and four-wheelers, have been around for a long time now and have always attracted a certain amount of crowd. The trend of ATVs and quads was probably at its peak during the beginning of the 21st century when sports got more attractive, thus increasing the demand for ATVs and such vehicles. Like any other ATV, with a V transmission and sturdy build, the motor company Kawasaki released their kind in 2003, namely, the Prairie 360. The Kawasaki Prairie 360 is a 4×4 utility ATV that supports belt-driven transmission and various lock capabilities. The two drivelines, 2WD and 4WD, allow the rider to choose according to his preference. Released after its counterpart, the Kawasaki Prairie 650, the Prairie 360 has much to offer. Keep reading this article to learn exciting facts about this specific ATV!

Kawasaki Prairie 360

How Much Oil Does A Kawasaki Prairie 360 Take?

Kawasaki Prairie 360 consumes 1.84 Quartz of oil without a filter and 1.59 with a filter. A dry Prairie 360 usually consumes 2.43 Quartz of oil in its tank.

Kawasaki Prairie 360 is extraordinary, mainly because it seemingly possesses a vast fuel capacity and can take in unleaded gasoline. According to motor experts, Kawasaki’s products yield a specific kind of engine that only prefers certain engine oils in a particular quantity. This is to inform you that your Kawasaki Prairie 360 would consume 1.84 Quartz of oil without a filter and 1.59 with a filter. These estimated volumes are 1.74 and 1.5 Litres, respectively. However, if you feed oil to your arid Prairie 360, your ATV’s engine would consume 2.43 Quartz of oil, 2.3 Litres.

How Much Does A Kawasaki 360 Prairie Weigh?

Kawasaki Prairie 360’s weight is 272.5 kg or 601 lbs, which allows it to trek up rough roads and peak tops without being toppled over by the lightweight.

ATVs are hefty due to their engine weight and overall size. The Kawasaki Prairie 360 is also quite heavy. According to online sources, its dry weight is an estimated 601 lbs, 272.5 kilograms. Besides the dry weight, the Prairie 360 weighs 1,100 lbs, or 500 kg, when attached to a trailer or cargo.

What Years Did They Make The Kawasaki Prairie 360?

Kawasaki’s motor company produced its distinguishable ATV for ten years, starting the release of the quads in 2003 and halting production in 2013.

It has become a norm for ATV producers to release a very exclusive vehicle that everybody seems to adore, from kids to middle-aged people, and then decide to quit the model. Likewise, Kawasaki’s behavior toward its machine was the same; as you would expect, they decided to stop the production of Prairie 360. The ATV lasted a decade, as Kawasaki Motors initiated and ended the production of the utility ATV, Prairie 360, from 2003 to 2013.

Is Kawasaki Prairie 360 4×4?

Kawasaki Prairie 360 is a four-wheeler ATV that supports probably the best quality of tubeless tires for efficient riding over smooth or hard roads.

As stated more than once in the text, Kawasaki’s Prairie 360 is a utility ATV that can be driven on four-wheelers, thus making the alleged vehicle a four-wheeler or a 4×4 vehicle. Prairie 360’s four wheels are constructed burly, providing the look of stealth and sturdiness to the four-wheeled quad. Dunlop tubeless tires are installed on the front and rear tubular wheels of the Kawasaki Praire 360, providing more grip and more effective engine braking.
The 4×4 vehicle is sufficient to drive over rugged terrains and can make your experience worthwhile without any severe on-road problems or accidents.

How Fast Is A Kawasaki Prairie 360?

The maximum speed limit of Kawaski Prairie 360 is 45 to 55 mph.

As the Kawasaki Prairie 360 is a sports ATV with two drivelines and a utility structure, it will have a speed equivalent to any sports vehicle. As per the vehicle’s owners’ and users’ claims, Kawasaki Prairie 360 tends to possess a maximum speed ranging from 45 to 55 mph, claiming its spot as one of the fastest ATVs ever to grace the earth. Kawaski Prasire 360 was a standard sport ATV for riders and racers alike when the quad was at its peak of fame and glory. The speed stated for the utility vehicle is suitable for such ATVs as they are driven over treks serving steep and shallow pathways, and that mode of driving generally requires riding your bike at full speed. The owners also claimed they are satisfied with how the Prairie 360 runs.

How Much Is A Kawasaki 360 Prairie Worth?

Kawasaki Prairie 360 ranges from $4,599 to $6,499, with Camouflage Prairies valuing more than the general ATVs.

Kawasaki Prairie 360’s worth varies as per its model’s age, state of appearance, and engine capability. Prairie 360’s Camouflage versions were the most expensive, reaching more than five thousand US Dollars. The oldest Prairie 360 model was dated from 2003 to 2004 and cost $5,500, while its reretailrice was $1,400 to $2,565. The next model, released between 2003 and 2008, held a value of $4,600, with its trade-in value stated to be from $1,160 to $3,155. The 2003 to 2004 Camouflage model was worth $5,799 with a retail price of $1,460 to $1,985. The 2009 model of Kawasaki Prairie 360 cost $5,349, while the same year’s Camouflage version was worth $5,699. The 2010 model supported a value of $6,049, whereas its Camouflage counterpart was $6,399 in price. 2011 4×4 was priced at $6,149, and the Camouflage cost $6,500. The last two models of Prairie 360s were released in 2012 and 2013, holding the price of $6,199 and $6,300, respectively. It is to be noted that their retailing prices ranged according to the models’ state. As you can see, the Camouflage versions of Praisire’s models were worthier than the general models due to the unlimited editions. Nonetheless, Kawasaki priced these ATVs quite reasonably and justifiably.

How Much Horsepower Does A Kawasaki Prairie Have?

Kawasaki Prairie’s horsepower is 21.1 HP.

The horsepower indicated an engine’s exact sustainability and ability to run for a period. In the case of Kawasaki Prairie 360, its horsepower is 21.2 HP, specifying that the engine of Prairie 360 is well designed and can run for more than 12 hours straight.

Where Is The Vin On A Kawasaki Prairie 360?

The VIN is located behind the wheel on the left front frame rail of your Kawasaki Prairie 360.

Locating the VIN pin of your vehicle can get a little tricky sometimes, which often leads to bad tantrums in drivers. If you face issues finding your VIN plate on your Kawasaki Prairie 360, do not worry and keep reading to solve this minor yet annoying issue. To see this VIN plate, you must peek on the left side of the front frame rail, tucked just behind the wheel -and there you go, a VIN plate!

What Size Battery Does A Kawasaki Prairie 360 Take?

Kawasaki Prairie 360 takes a battery of 5.28 inches, having a total capacity of 14000 mAp.

The developers of Prairie 360, who work for the Kawasaki company, clarified some frequently asked questions, including the question of battery size. According to them, Prairie 360 can only hold a battery with a capacity of 14000 mAh, 190 A of cold cranking amps, and a length of 5.28 inches.

How Many Cylinders Does A Kawasaki Prairie 360 Have?

Kawasaki Prairie 360 consists of only one cylinder, a four-stroke, all-terrain drive.

As stated in the article, Kawasaki’s profound product Prairie 360 comprises a utility structure with drivelines of 2WD and 4WD and a transmission feature. Likewise, this motor ATV is very well constructed. Now, you must be wondering about its gas passage through cylinders. How many cylinders do these ATVs have? Prairie 360 supports only one cylinder, which is stable enough to compensate for the whole vehicle’s gas passage, to tell you the mare truth.

How Do I Get My Kawasaki Prairie Out Of Limp Mode?

Swap the grey and black plugs or disconnect the battery’s negative terminal to get your quad out of limp mode. If these tricks do not help, approach a mechanic to fix your problem.

If your ATV has gone into limp mode, then it is straightforward to get it back out and reset the limp mode. Limp mode occurs when your vehicle is severely tempered, and to exit the limp mode, you can reset your vehicle and reboot it. If the problem is gone, your ATV will be out of the limp mode; if not, that means that limp mode is still there. Try fixing its belt light cover to get your vehicle out of limp mode. It would be best if you exchanged the black and grey wires beside the gas tank. You can also unhook your ATV’s negative battery terminal for a minute, which, according to people’s experiences, helps a great deal. Good luck!

How Do You Reset The Belt Light On A Prairie 360?

Follow the steps listed below to reset the belt light on your Prairie 360.

  • Step 1: Unplug and exchange the two harnesses above your quad’s belt cover. They are black to grey and grey to black wires.
  • Step 2: Disconnect the two wires situated just before the two wires you swapped.
  • Step 3: Place the key in your ATV, but do not start the vehicle.
  • Step 4: Let the LED flash for 10 to 15 seconds before turning the key off.
  • Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for two to three times.
  • Step 6: Put the key away and plug the wires you swapped before back into their places, that is, black to black, grey to grey.
  • Step 7: Turn the key on, and you will notice the belt light dying out. The belt light has been reset!

Does A Kawasaki Prairie 360 Have A Fuel Filter?

Yes, Kawasaki Prairie 360 has a fuel filter.

In contrast to the mentioned features above, Kawasaki Prairie 360 ATVs possess a fuel filter. You can do so if you want to change your quad’s oil through a fuel filter. Filters are often found somewhere between your ATV engine and fuel tank.

How Many CCs Is A Kawasaki Prairie 360?

Kawasaki Prairie 360 is a 362 cc all-terrain drive.

Kawasaki’s Prairie 360 is stated to have an approximate cubic capacity of 362 ccs, which is calculated to be 22.09 cubic inches. This allows the well-stable engine and sturdy drivetrain for the ATV.

What Type Of Oil Does A Kawasaki Prairie 360 Take?

Prairie 360 consumes only some engine oil, namely SAE 10W-40 engine oil, Mobil Fluid 424, or Exxon Hydraulic 560 final gear case oil.

When servicing the Prairie 360, only use the recommended fuels and fluids. The quad runs on unleaded fuel, which has an octane value of 87, or Kawasaki suggests higher. Use only SAE 10W-40 engine oil and Mobil Fluid 424 or Exxon Hydraulic 560 final gear case oil.

With its fair price and powerful, light, yet versatile engine, Kawasaki’s Prairie 360 is among the best ATVs. It has extensively brilliant and efficient performance. ATVs like Prairie were very popular in their era, although they are still available at retail prices. Kawasaki Prairie is highly recommended if you intend to purchase a quad.

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