Where to Sell Car Audio Equipment?

You have old car audio equipment that you want to sell. This is not easy because the market niche is too small, and today people do not buy used electronic equipment frequently anymore.

Who buys used car audio equipment?

Stores that Buy Used Car Audio Equipment are eBay.com, Facebook Marketplace, Vintageking.com, Reverb.com, etc. However, the fastest sale you will make is if you sell Used Car Audio Equipment using Classified Ads or offer products on audio equipment Discussion Forums.

Below is my favorite list of where you can sell audio car equipment:

used audio car equipment

You may bypass the intermediary at locations like hock shops and get entrance to a large pool of potential customers by selling your audio equipment on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, but this can be costly.

Depending on whether you believe it will be worthwhile, you may sell your old vehicle audio in several locations. Facebook and eBay markets will provide the most significant rate; however, they may be inefficient in putting up, responding to customers’ concerns, and eventually shipping or meeting with purchasers.

Taking it to the pawn shop will be the most accessible action if they agree to take it and provide a reduced price. A local recycling center could be an option; however, you won’t get any money.

Many will eventually get the vehicle stereo wiretapped. These individuals will subsequently replace the car stereos in their vehicles. Afterward, many may question what to do with the old factory-installed radio. You vend it.

car radio

Buy or Sell Audio Car Equipment at Pop-Shop

My favorite Pop-Shops in the US where you can buy car audio equipment are:

  • Car Toys: With locations across the country, Car Toys is a popular chain of audio car shops that offers a wide variety of car audio equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and more. (https://www.cartoys.com/)
  • Audio Express: Audio Express has locations in multiple states and offers a selection of car audio equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and more. (https://www.audioexpress.com/)
  • Car Audio Giants: In Southern California, Car Audio Giants offers a wide selection of car audio equipment, including head units, speakers, subwoofers, and more. (https://www.caraudiogiants.com/)
  • Online Car Stereo: Besides their online store, Online Car Stereo also has a brick-and-mortar location in Southern California that offers car audio equipment from top brands. (https://www.onlinecarstereo.com/)
  • Sounds Good Stereo: With locations in Florida and Texas, Sounds Good Stereo offers a variety of car audio equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and more. (https://www.soundsgoodstereo.com/)
  • Car Audio One: With multiple locations in Michigan, Car Audio One offers a selection of audio car equipment from top brands. (https://www.caraudio1.com/)
  • Xtreme Autosound: In the Pacific Northwest, Xtreme Autosound offers a range of car audio equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and more. (https://xtremeautosound.com/)
  • Stereo West Autotoys: With locations in Nebraska and Iowa, Stereo West Autotoys offers car audio equipment and installation services. (https://stereowestautotoys.com/)
  • Mobile One Auto Sound: With locations in Louisiana and Texas, Mobile One Auto Sound offers a selection of car audio equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and more. (https://www.mobileoneautosound.com/)
  • Car Audio Centre: Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Car Audio Centre offers car audio equipment from top brands, as well as installation services. (https://www.caraudiocentre.com/)

Not all pawnshops will purchase automobile radio equipment, mainly if it is old and obsolete, since it likely has minimal resale value. In addition, they may need a receipt since vehicle stereos have a reputation for being stolen. Several aspects will be considered when selling audio equipment at a pawnshop. These are listed below:

Initially, one will evaluate the equipment. Equipment free of scratches and complete will provide a more significant profit.

The pawnshop will likely analyze data from closed auctions on sites like eBay to determine the radio’s market value and offer a lower price than they’ve seen online. In addition, pawn and cash converter companies sell their merchandise on sites like eBay, so you will be providing money to a mediator.

Branded equipment is also crucial since it helps to boost the resale value. These brands may be more valuable:

  • Japanese vehicle audio manufacturers
  • German vehicle audio manufacturers
  • American vehicle audio manufacturers

While you won’t receive the most money for it at a pawn shop, if you’re looking for a speedy sale, you can try bringing your belongings to your local pawnshop if they can accept them. They are obligated to appraise the equipment and offer you a take-it-or-leave-it offer. You should be aware that pawnshops prefer to purchase inexpensive audio equipment rather than lend against it.

Here are some options for where you can buy or sell audio car equipment at a physical pop-up shop:

  • Car audio shops Look for local car audio shops in your area, as they may have a selection of used or new car audio equipment available for purchase or may be interested in buying your equipment from you.
  • Flea markets: Some flea markets have vendors who specialize in car audio equipment. You may be able to find used equipment for sale or even sell your equipment at a flea market.
  • Car shows: Attend local auto shows to connect with other car enthusiasts who may be interested in buying or selling audio car equipment.
  • Pawn shops: Some pawn shops may buy and sell audio car equipment, although their selection may be limited.
  • Garage sales: You may be able to find used car audio equipment for sale at garage sales in your area.

Selling on eBay

The most popular Marketplace for used items is eBay. Many people investigate eBay when pondering the purchase of a secondhand vehicle radio. You want people to attract people to your stereo as much as possible. Here are some guidelines to follow if you are contemplating selling your equipment on eBay:

  • To indicate your collection price, search current and completed listings.
  • Pay great attention to the start and finish times of your auction.
  • Include the piece in the functional grouping.

Marketing on eBay might be inefficient since you must typically construct the entry and ship the item to the buyer’s location. Liable on the item’s value, it might not merit your attention.

Because of the vastly varying eminence of the stereos on the display place, for example, stereos with missing wires and blemishes will vend for substantially less than stereos in their original packaging.

Fee Structure of eBay

When selling a stereo on eBay, you should carefully evaluate the platform’s fees and delivery costs since they will diminish the cash you get.

eBay US (2021):

Free listing charge Selling commission: 10.2 percent and Paypal Fee: 2.9 %+ $0.30

eBay UK (2022):

Free Listing Fee: Selling Fee: 10 percent and Paypal Processing charge: 2.9% plus £0.3

Shipment of your traded audio system

Shipping is a crucial consideration when selling goods on eBay. You must decide whether to charge the buyer or cover the delivery costs. This may vary significantly according to the weight of the stereo you deliver and the consumer’s location. See whether the traded schedules embrace or exclude delivery costs, and make your selection based on this information.

You must also examine if you have boxes and packaging materials to ship your audio at home.

Here are some other suggestions for selling vehicle audio systems on eBay:

  • Mainly, explain the most precise and current stereo system you are selling. Include the terms of sale and the item’s delivery charges (who will pay). Are all wires and cables included? Does the product function properly?
  • Potential bidders or purchasers may have questions regarding your audio system. You have to answer queries rapidly.
  • If you use an action function, you should communicate with the top bidder as soon as the auction ends. This is because you can close the deal as quickly as feasible.
  • Once you get payment confirmation, you must dispatch the goods for a higher rating.

Forums, Newsgroups, and Classified Ads to buy or sell audio car equipment

Please note that before buying or selling any car audio equipment on these forums or newsgroups, it’s essential to read their rules and guidelines carefully and to exercise caution when dealing with other individuals online.

Local newspaper classified advertisements may be both hazardous and inconvenient. You may be required to see the individual you are trading with. Always meet in a public location, such as a fire or police station. However, you may wish to exercise care if you want to sell products via a daily newspaper. It may cost substantially less to put the advertisement. In addition, you might use vibrant product images in marketing.

Using forums and newsgroups to sell your vehicle radio is another excellent option. Many discussion forums and newsgroups offer sections where members may list goods for sale. Use the appropriate line, though. You might get banned for placing an ad in the incorrect thread.

Offering Car stereo for sale on Facebook Market

Another excellent place to sell your car audio system is the Facebook marketplace since NO CHARGES are associated with obtaining cash. However, planning and holding a meeting and screening those attempting to undercut the listed price might be challenging.

Persons sometimes negotiate 10 to 20 percent off the asking rate on this Marketplace, so the pricing may appear slightly excessive.

Because of the vastly varying class of the stereos on display, scratched and dented stereos with misplaced cables will trade substantially less than stereos with open-box, which are essentially new tools.

You will get many messages on online forums and markets!

When we advertise sale products, we might sometimes encounter issues with prospective purchasers. These individuals will bombard your email with irrelevant queries. If you have advertised your products on a website for sale and want the customer to choose them, you should include this in the ad.

If you get many notifications requesting you to send the goods, you may disregard them. You asked for local pickup, so you do not need to waste your time requesting shipping. Remember that you can get a well-worth it if you mail it.


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