How Much is a Polaris Trail Boss 250 Worth?

As you embark on your next adventure, let us help you get there with a Polaris Trail Boss 250.

The Polaris Trail Boss 250 is designed to help you explore the great outdoors with agility and confidence. With easy handling and its modular rear storage compartment, this all-terrain vehicle can go where you want.

You’ll also be able to ride quickly and comfortably: a premium seat cushion ensures you won’t be jostled while riding over bumpy terrain. To ensure the safety of your passengers, this vehicle also comes equipped with ropes for their use.

Keep track of your supplies with this ATV’s modular rear storage compartment. When not used, the compartment’s cover can be removed to quickly access supplies stored inside or elsewhere in your vehicle. In addition, this ATV has an electric start function that lets you get back out on the trail soon after a stop, so nothing gets in between you and fun times!

Polaris Trail Boss 250

How Much is a Polaris Trail Boss 250 Worth?

Polaris Trail Boss 250 is usually worth between $315 and $2,000, depending on its condition and mileage. However, the prices may differ depending on where you live.

You’re in luck if you’re in the market for a Polaris Trail Boss 250. This off-road vehicle is a common sight on ATV trails across the country, and it’s usually pretty easy to find one used. Over 25 of them are listed on our website right now.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all pricing policy for ATVs—even if they’re of the same make and model. The Polaris Trail Boss 250’s price can vary quite a bit depending on its age, mileage, and condition.

One factor that tends to affect ATV prices is age. Since ATVs are usually used for recreational purposes, they don’t tend to get driven nearly as much as cars or other vehicles. Still, like any machine with moving parts, an older ATV may not run as well as newer models.

Of course, that’s not always the case—and sometimes you’ll see an older ATV selling for less than a newer one! That’s because some people put more miles on their vehicles than others. So, how many miles your Polaris Trail Boss 250 has logged is another factor that might affect its value.

How Fast Does a Polaris Trail Boss 250 Go?

The Trail Boss 250 has a top speed of approximately 50 miles per hour. It is a 2-stroke or 4-stroke, single-cylinder off-road all-terrain vehicle designed and built by Polaris.

The Polaris Trail Boss 250 is a light, elegant, all-terrain vehicle that can hold its own on any terrain. It’s geared to be comfortable, easy to handle, and has a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

It weighs 428 pounds and has a quarter-liter (250 cc) engine. The engine has around 15 horsepower, making it perfect for off-road work or having fun in the woods. It has an electric start and a five-speed transmission.

The Polaris Trail Boss 250 features a rear rack, carry handles, and other features you’ll need to carry your gear while riding. It’s also got front and rear brakes and front shocks with five inches of travel, so you’ll always be safe—even when you’re going full speed.

Is a Polaris Trail Boss 250 a 2-stroke?

Yes, the Polaris Trail Boss 250 is a 2-stroke engine. A 2-stroke engine requires that you mix oil with gas—the oil is then burned along with the fuel, lubricating the engine during combustion. The Trail Boss was produced from 1985 to 1999.

If your ride reflects your style and attitude, the Polaris Trail Boss 250 is perfect for you.

It’s a sturdy, hard-hitting machine. The Polaris Trail Boss 250 has a 220cc two-stroke engine with an eight-horsepower output. It also has a five-speed transmission and automatic clutch to provide smooth acceleration so you can focus on the trail ahead. If you need more traction, the Polaris Trail Boss 250 offers full suspension and rear brake control to give you maximum control.

As if this weren’t enough, the Polaris Trail Boss 250 is available in red or blue—two colors sure to turn heads.

Forget about renting a car or buying a bus ticket; the Polaris Trail Boss 250 is the perfect choice for any adventure enthusiast.

What Year Did Polaris Stop Making the Trail Boss?

Polaris stopped making the Trail Boss in 1999. The Trail Boss was one of the most popular ATVs ever manufactured and is still valued for its rugged design and simple maintenance.

Polaris has stopped manufacturing the Trail Boss 250 due to a highly competitive market and an aging consumer base.

The ATV (all-terrain vehicle) market is highly competitive. Polaris introduced the Trail Boss 250 in 1985, but it became clear that consumers wanted something more powerful and luxurious as time passed.

Polaris introduced the Sportsman line of ATVs in 1996, and since then, most of their customers have abandoned the Trail Boss for a model that can do more and can be used for more than recreational purposes. For example, the Sportsman has been widely used by farmers, ranchers, and even law enforcement agencies due to its handling capabilities and power. In addition, it is commonly used as a utility vehicle to carry supplies or equipment on rough terrain where cars or trucks cannot travel.

Because of this, Polaris has made the difficult decision to stop manufacturing the Trail Boss 250 and focus on producing other models with greater versatility and appeal to consumers who want more out of their ATVs than recreation or off-roading fun.

The decision was not easy for the company, but several factors contributed.

First, Japanese ATV manufacturer Suzuki created a very competitive model with Polaris’s Trail Boss. Yet, it outperformed the Trail Boss in critical areas like handling and stability. Additionally, the Suzuki model came with a larger fuel tank and better storage options. While Polaris continued to perform well in some aspects like top speed and acceleration, it was clear that this competitor had created a vehicle that was overall more appealing to the market for which Polaris had been aiming its Trail Boss line.

Second, customers were increasingly reporting issues with Polaris ATVs’ ability to handle rough terrain at high speeds. With machines from other manufacturers showing better performance in this area—and getting better fuel economy while they were at it—it seemed logical that people would begin migrating from Polaris models to competing machines.

Third and perhaps most importantly, Polaris’s research indicated that customers were beginning to prefer side-by-side vehicles for off-road use over traditional ATVs.

How Wide is a Polaris Trail Boss?

The Polaris Trail Boss measures 73.2 (length) x 44 (width) x 44 (height) inches and has an advantageous 5-inch ground clearance. It is ideal for any rider looking to increase their traction on loose surfaces.

Polaris Trail Boss 250 is a Polaris ATV designed for riders who want a full-size off-road vehicle that perfectly balances fun and durability. It has a heavy-duty Polaris chassis, an internal combustion engine, and a large-capacity fuel tank. The Trail Boss 250 also has access to Polaris’s famous Xtreme Duty® suspension system, which protects riders against rocks and other obstacles by reducing wheel hop, keeping the tires in contact with the ground, and improving traction.

The Trail Boss 250 features a full-size ATV frame with an independent front suspension that helps improve its stability during hard acceleration or braking on rugged terrain. The independent rear axle also enables the Trail Boss 250 to perform well on or off-road with its rigid design and wide stance. This same suspension design is featured on the Polaris Ranger 500; however, it is designed for increased performance on the pavement rather than off-road.

The Trail Boss 250 comes standard with factory-installed skid plates to protect vital components from damage during off-road operations. Additional features include a fuel shutoff valve for easy refueling, an automatic transmission, a 4×4 drive mode selector, perimeter lighting, and a high-strength steel frame.


So, the Boss 250 is a capable, mid-sized 4×4 ATV with plenty of exciting features and functionality. Its price tag gives the competition a run for their money, and with its impressive power, this machine can easily maneuver over hills, rocks, and open fields. It’s not perfect, but few vehicles are. You’re sure to get your money’s worth from the Polaris Trail Boss 250 if you can purchase one!

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