How Much is a Maaco Paint Job? – Maaco Paint Job Cost in 2023

Revamping the existing vehicle model instead of investing in a new car is probably a sensible option. Instead of spending vast stacks of money and purchasing a brand-new vehicle, most automobile enthusiasts and experts participate in the remodeling and renovating the interior and exterior structure of the cars. This leads to a brand-new vehicle appearance, totally changing the monotonous look of the previous model. With innovations and creativity in car painting, most paint job companies and automobile dealers have a wide variety of new designs and colorful aesthetics, which gives a feeling of purchasing a new car. This is another example of industrial engineering, as creative concepts are intertwined for an improved and acceptable version.

Maaco has been a well-known auto painting and collision repair service for over 42 years. It has 20 million customers. Many people in the US talk about MaaMaaco’sw price, but we can also speak of high quality.

How much is a Maaco paint job?

Maaco paint jobs cost $1500-$2500 on average, depending on the paint package (basic, preferred, premium), category, vehicle size, and bodywork needed. The average Maaco car paint job cost $1550.

My basic package costs $1750, while the preferred package costs $1960.

I will share my personal story and Maaco paint prices:

First, I went to MaaMaaco’s website and estimated the car paint for my vehicle, the Ford F-150, which was made in 2018.

Ford F-150 Maaco paint job estimation request

In the next step, I requested the preferred paint for the whole vehicle. I told them that I had a non-collision.

Preffered Maaco paint for whole vehicle request

In the final step, I told them that I had scratches but that I diddidn’tve rust damage:

vehicle condition for color paint at Maaco

Finally, the estimated result was that the paint cost would be from $1960 to $2560.

maaco paint cost preliminary total


After painting, the total price was $1950 (lower than the estimation). The job was done perfectly.

Since automobile painting is becoming popular, Maaco, a collision repair and auto painting enterprise, deals with vehicles with worn-out exteriors. The company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was founded by Anthony Martino and Daniel Rhode. It provides exceptional services and facilities for auto body repair and affordable auto paint facilities, and it services more than 20 million cars.

Their motto and aim are to introduce creativity and aesthetics to the vehicles you have been driving for a long time. The car’s product and physical makeover are elegant and tidy with vibrant features. These paint services and facilities may appear heavy on the pocket. Still, Maaco has aimed to provide affordable and reasonable paint packages to accommodate and cater to vehicles of all kinds.

The facilities and services are performed by exceptionally trained technicians and aestheticians who are experts in repairing dents, minimizing the appearance of scratches, and minimizing accidental physical damages that noticeably reduce the overall shine and appeal of any vehicle. They restore about 500,000 cars annually and accommodate more than 20 million drivers. MaaMaaco’s convenient and practical policy to repair scratches and permanent dents has appealed to many car enthusiasts, boosting their business.

To avail yourself of Maaco’s services, you must understand their packages. Regarding the financial range, a simple paint job costs around $1500-$2500 on average, depending on the category, type, and size: the cost increases or decreases with the kind of artwork or body repair needed to save care. Most drivers avoid arguing over the price as Maaco has a three-year warranty and protects the vehicle from occasional cracking and peeling.

Maaco is designed to facilitate drivers and their vehicles by providing high-quality paint products at a reasonable cost. Because of their technical expertise, the professionals working at Maaco are entirely aware of their jobs and are well acquainted with the business model. Moreover, more than 500 Maaco paint shops or franchises are present worldwide, working under the same banner and using a professional strategy to perform the task.

A DIY painting job will not serve the purpose if you lack the necessary creativity and artistic precision. A limited budget and purchasing a few spray paint cans can temporarily fix and revamp your car; however, persistence and longevity would be in limbo. In addition to the extra cost, hardware, and mental exhaustion, you should also be prepared for the time consumption it would require.

However, the paipaint’s sality depends on the painting’s taste. The drivers must choose the paint wisely that perfectly fits the vehvehicle’sdywork and involves multiple stages.

Maaco will take about a week to perform the task as it will try to retain the original paint cover and retrieve brightness for the car’s exterior. In addition to painting services, Maaco is well known for providing other facilities, including full-body touchups and accidental repairs. This facility is also handy and low-cost; the minimum charges are about $99 to $149. Maaco occasionally provides discount coupons to lower the final charges further.

The total cost is expected to vary depending on the type of insurance coverage. If you have credible insurance coverage, then you can get the job done at a reasonable cost.

A complete painting package includes sanding, buffing, and finishing the car, which may elevate your cost to more than $1500. Similarly, it would help to be mindful of certain specifications for the paint job. If you are not planning to paint your entire car with a single color, it is impossible to match the color in all car areas.

Maaco is an expert in specialty painting, as some franchises offer stock of paint with a customer selection that is sold rapidly. You can also select from the specialized painting catalog and revamp your vehicle color. In this category, you can choose a variety of paints with the availability of custom color mixing, so if you have a favorite color or shake, you can ask them to make special paints for you and choose the texture as well.


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