Who Can Jump Start My Car? – How to Jump a Car in Detail!


Jumpstarting is activating the engine of a motor vehicle that stopped working using another car to kickstart it. This article aims to give an insight on how to Jump-start your vehicle, why this occurs, and what to do.

Who Can Jump Start My Car?

To Jump-start your car, you can contact a car jump-start service nearest to you, a friend, neighbor, or taxi driver. Some taxi companies offer this service and their drivers have jump car equipment.

jump a car

However, a person can get help around from someone with a vehicle that has a working battery to start your car for you.

How to Jump-Start a Car Without Another Car?

To jump-start your car with another car, do the following steps:

  • First, get jumper cables.
  • Fix one red jumper cable clamp to the dead battery’s positive (+) terminal.
  • Fix the other red jumper cable clamp to the working car battery’s positive (+) terminal.
  • Fix one black jumper cable clamp to the working car’s battery’s negative (-) terminal.
  • Attach the other black jumper cable clamp to the dead car chases, a bolt on the engine, or the alternator bracket away from the dead car’s battery’s negative (-) terminal.
  • Next, start the car of the working battery, and this will immediately begin to charge. Afterward, you start the vehicle with a weak battery.

Please ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the following items.

  • 1. Jumper Cables: The longer ones are always handy.
  • 2. Mechanic Gloves: Although disposable gloves are easier to use, you should have heavy-duty gloves on hand in case of a high-risk situation
  • 3. A Flashlight: should always be accessible
  • 4. Paper Coveralls: to protect yourself and your clothes. These are available at any paint store.
  • 5. Owner’s Manual: often located in your car’s glovebox

how to jump a car cables

How Do You Jump Start a Modern Car?

To jump-start, a modern car ensures using only high-quality jumper leads with spike protection.

  • Get Jumper cables
  • Get another car to your place close enough parallel to reach the cables.
  • Fix a red jumper cable clamp to the positive terminal of the dead battery
  • Attach the other red jumper cable clamp to the positive terminal of the working battery
  • Fix the black jumper cable clamp to the negative terminal on the working battery
  • Attach the other black jumper cable clamp to the dead car’s engine block or another metal surface not near the negative terminal of the dead car battery.
  • After this, you start the car with the working battery, which will begin to charge the dead battery immediately.
  • Try to start the vehicle with the dead car battery and leave it on for about 30 minutes.
  • Next is, you’ll remove the cable in a reverse order
  • Remove the black jumper cable from the metal surface or engine block of the car that received the jump start.
  • Remove the black jumper cable clamp from the negative terminal of the working car battery.
  • Remove the red jumper cable clamp from the dead battery’s positive terminal.
  • There you have it! Your car has successfully jump-started.
  • For a good result, you can drive the car that received a jump-start for about 15 minutes to be fully charged, so it doesn’t die again.

jump your car in 8 steps

To jumpstart your car, an extra vehicle, fully operational, would be required to push-start the unresponsive battery of the car. It is an accessible and convenient way to kickstart your vehicle’s battery with the assistance of a flat battery. However, jumpstarting any motor vehicle can be hazardous; therefore, it is always advised to visit a certified mechanic.

An easy-to-follow guide to jumpstart vehicle:

The process can be activated by proximity to a vehicle with a fully charged battery of approximately 12V.

1. Assemble the cars

Line both of the vehicles so that they are easy to access. Park the car and turn off the ignition to comply with safety protocols.

2. Link the red jump lead

With the help of the red jump lead, establish a connection by connecting the positive side of the battery with the positive side of the flat battery. This will help in securing the connection and introducing the process.

3. Link the black lead

The black jump lead should be connected to the negative side of the working battery and operational battery. The other end should be connected to the earthing point, which is the unpainted metal surface of the engine. The connection should be away from the flat battery and the fuel system.

Ignite the engine off

Turn off the engines of both cars for at least three minutes. Then, after a slight pause, turn on the engine of the vehicle to confirm if it is in working condition and then wait for one minute.

Start the engine of your car.

Turn on the engine of your vehicle with a non-operational battery.

Let the cars run for 10 minutes. Then, leave the engines running and let them run fast.

Switch off the engines and disconnect lead cables

Finish the process by turning off the engines and then removing the cables carefully in the exact connection order. Take off the black wires first and then the red ones. The black and red lead should not touch each other.

Turn on the engine off your Vito and check if the machine is operational

Regardless of the conclusion, you need to begin the process by protecting yourself and your clothes with course help. Safety gear should be present in the vehicle at all times.

However, some of the standard safety protocols are as follows:

Check the engine by opening the hood. Occasionally, it would help to release the latch when popping the hood. The switch is located beneath the slightly open hood, just under a lever that you need to push. Prop the hood open with the stick while you work. Next, determine the location of the battery. If you are unsure where the battery can be found, your owner’s manual should include directions or pictures to assist you.

How Much to Jump Start a Car?

To Jump-start a car would cost around $50-$100 if you have a car with a regular-sized battery. If you have a premium battery and your car is a luxury one, you may spend $80-$190.

Most of the drivers have zero to less knowledge about car repairs and multi-maintenance, which damages the car’s overall functionality and inconveniences the drivers and passengers. Monthly maintenance of the vehicle is crucial for its longevity, but it is also an excellent way of ensuring the safety of the family members in the car. Inspection and examination of your vehicle by a certified mechanic alleviate the prospect of mechanical menaces. From checking the tire’s pressure to changing the oil, checking the lubricants, engine functionality, and the inspection of the wipers and lights are categorized under frequent maintenance checklist. It is recommended that all drivers perform routine maintenance on their vehicles before taking them on the main road.

While we spend most of our time commuting on the roads, drivers are often misinformed or unfamiliarized with the basics of road safety and trends of vehicle maintenance. However, it is not impossible as by acquainting yourself with the basics and getting accustomed to the principal techniques, you can be a pro in vehicle maintenance.

Make sure you have the owner’s manual with you before you begin. Having a manual will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the operating conditions of any vehicle and provide you with a model for troubleshooting.

How Long to Keep Car Running After Jump Start?

The time to keep a car running after a jumpstart is between 20 minutes and 30 minutes. For a better result, you can drive it around while your vehicle is running to charge, so it doesn’t jump-start again fully.

Can You Jumpstart a Car With a Bad Alternator?

You can jumpstart a car with a bad alternator, but it won’t stay running for long. If a lousy alternator is not charging the battery, the car won’t run for a long time on a weak battery after the jumper cables are removed.

Is Red Positive or Negative?

The Red of the jumper cable is Positive. Anywhere you see red, this is for positive.

Can You Connect Two Jumper Cables?

Yes, you can connect two jumper cables. However, ensure it is long enough to connect both cars, and if the cables are too short to connect, you may connect two sets of jumper cables to create more length.


How Long Does a Jump Start Last?

A jump-start can take nearly 2-10 minutes. In severe cases, a jump-start can go anywhere 30 minutes.

How Long Can You Leave Jumper Cables On?

You can leave your jumper cables on for about 5 minutes. While going your jumper cables on, it will be advisable not to be left in for too long.

Can You Jump Start a Car With a Completely Dead Battery?

No, you can’t jumpstart a car with a completely dead battery. There needs to be a working battery from another vehicle to jumpstart your vehicle.

Can I Jumpstart My Car By Myself?

Yes, you can jump-start your car by yourself. Here’s how for an automatic transmission or manual transmission:

  • For a manual transmission, push-starting is a simple method. This requires pushing the car until the engine kicks in and placing the ignition key to the “On” position. Put your vehicle into the second gear and find someone to aid push it till it kicks in. Afterward, let go of the clutch pedal. Here the transmission will start the engine of your car.
  • For an automatic transmission, get a jump box or battery pack. Use the jumper cables to clamp on the battery, just like when jumpstarting with another car. The car might start after a short time connecting to the battery pack.

Why Won’t My Car Start When I Jump it?

Your car doesn’t start when you jump it because you may be experiencing an alternator problem, a problem with your starter, or an issue with another part of the electrical system in your car.

What Does it Mean if Your Car Won’t Start But the Lights Come On?

If your car won’t start, but the light comes on because the vehicle may be experiencing a problem with the starter, battery cable, ignition switch, etc. These stated could be why a car won’t start, but the lights are on.

Do I Need to Replace Battery After Jump-Start?

No, you don’t need to replace a battery after the jumpstart. If a car engine picks up after a jumpstart, there’s nothing to be worried about; you are good to go.

How Long Does it Take For Battery to Charge After Jump?

The time it takes for the battery to charge after the jump is about 30 minutes. You can leave the vehicle engine running to allow the alternator fully assess the car battery.

When Jump Starting a Car, Make Sure it is in What Gear?

If your car is in the manual transmission, make sure the gearshift is neutral when jumpstarting (N). If your vehicle is in the automatic transmission, make sure it is in the 2nd gear.

How Many Times Can You Jump a Car Battery?

You can jumpstart your car battery once. However, if you are jumping it more than three times in a row, your battery may need a change.

When is Jump Starting a Car? Which Cable Goes First?

The cable which goes first when jumpstarting your car is the red jumper cable clamp to the positive terminal of the dead car battery.

Do You Turn Car Off Before Removing Jumper Cables?

No, don’t turn the car off before removing jumper cables. Leave the jumpstarted car on for about 30 minutes. Turning the car off before removing the line isn’t necessary to do.

Do You Leave Both Cars on When Jumping a Car?

Yes, leave both cars on when jumpstarting a car. You leave both cars on for about 5 minutes when jumping.

Why Don’t You Connect the Negative When Jumping a Car?

Dangerous to connect the negative cable to the dead car. Only may connect to the negative of the working vehicle. This happens because connecting the negative to the dead car battery could lead to an explosion of the battery, which is harmful to human life.

What Happens if you Connect the Negative Terminal First?

To connect the negative terminal first can lead to an explosion. This is very dangerous to do. Please do not try this.

Do I Need to Ground Jumper Cables?

Yes, ground jumper cables. The only jumper cable that needs to be ground is the black jumper cable clamp that is not allowed to be connected to the dead car. This is to stop the possibility of explosive gas or a spark from the battery.

Where Do You Ground When Jumping a Car?

Jumping a car doesn’t need a grounding point. Only make sure where jumping, the vehicle is at a safe position.

What Happens if You Mix Up Positive and Negative?

Mixing up positive and negative can be harmful and dangerous. Mixing up can damage the car battery car engine and write off the car. This is not advisable to do.

Can You Damage a Car Battery by Jump Starting?

Yes, you can if not done correctly. However, the process of jumpstarting is not harmful and does not pose a threat to the car battery if done the right way.

What Happens if You Put Jump Leads on the Wrong Way?

Putting jump leads on the wrong way can ignite the hydrogen gas from the battery. This can cause an explosion and pose a threat, likely explosion and maybe inevitable because it is done the wrong way.


The process of jumpstarting may not proceed according to plan, in which case you may feel frustrated. The following tips can help you narrow down the list of possible problems and classify ways to settle them:

In the event of a clicking sound after starting on the vehicle’s ignition, you need to work and resolve the issue of a starter. The battery is operating correctly in this situation, and the starter needs some attention.
If your vehicle’s electrical system is working correctly, but you can still turn on your car, there is an issue with the ignition switch, starter, or fuse. You may also experience an utterly non-operational battery at this point.
The vehicle may also have a weak alternator if you need to jumpstart your car again.

In a nutshell, jumpstarting refers to giving a push or an electrical boost to another vehicle that requires attention. A car that does not have a functioning battery or one that is dead or depleted requires a temporary connection with a vehicle that does and has a fully-functioning battery. Using a supply of electrical current from an external source makes it possible to pump or crank the disabled battery again. Any car’s right and safe jumpstarting are available on the instruction guide or manual. In some vehicles, the battery is mounted under the seat, or there may be a jumper terminal in the engine compartment that can be used to jumpstart the engine.

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