How Much Does a Honda CR-V Weigh?

The Honda CR-V is a popular car model of the sport utility vehicles (SUV) presented by the renowned vehicle organization, Honda Motor Company. The CR-V is considered a unique, attractive, and dazzling vehicle for various reasons. Firstly, its shape and structure are something to celebrate. Who can resist such a sleek-looking car? No one! The vast range of available colors only makes it even more appealing than it already is. Customers can choose from Radiant Red, Golden Brown, Modern Steel, and many other colors. Next, perhaps the most prominent reason people decide to buy this car is its spacious and comfortable interiors. It enables them to store any luggage they may need to transfer from one place to another, fit in several people, and even lounge around in it if they feel like it. Hence, since this vehicle is so roomy and spacious, one might wonder how much this car weighs. So, if you are curious about that, too, sit back and relax as we answer your most anticipated questions about this car!

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Observe the picture above. Does it seem spacious? Very roomy? Does this look like it will be able to fit much luggage? If you are colored impressed, you should know that this is what the interior of the Honda CR-V model looks like. People who already own the car may already know about its distinct feature, but the people who are planning to buy it feast your eyes. Judging by this much space in a vehicle, you must be wondering how much does the car weigh?

How Much Does a Honda CR-V Weigh?

Honda CR-V weighs 3,311 lb or 1502 kg. Usually, Curb Weight (2WD/AWD) is between 3413 lbs to 3529 lbs. Honda CR-V LX weight is 3307 lbs, Honda CR-V EX 3,358 lbs, Honda CR-V EX-L  3,3577lbs, and Honda CR-V Touring weighs  3,397 lbs.

You are seeing as it has so much room? Can a vehicle of such a sheer size be able to pull a trailer, a camper, or something else? Your questions are valid, but you do not have to wonder for long. Just take a look at the chart below.

As it can be seen from here, the average weight of a normal Honda CR-V is around 3,300 lbs This unladen vehicle weight ranges as per the model of the Honda CR-V, which is seen as four above. The LX size revolves around the luxurious car and so on. However, the vehicle’s towing capacity remained about 1500 lbs, despite the different models and added features. Hence, it can be seen that the car’s weight is not necessary to judge when one wants to know the towing capacity, which remains the same even if the vehicle has more features than the average one. By looking at the weight of this car, it can be deduced that it has the towing capacity and that too, for only a 1500 lbs. The size of the vehicle helps much on a camping trip because it can not only store luggage in its spacious interior but also tow a trailer or a camper or something else. Read on to find out what the Honda CR-V can tug and pull.

What Size of the Trailer can I Pull with a Honda CR-V?

The Honda CR-V can pull a trailer up to 1,500 pounds. You need to set the transmission in Sports mode to pull the trailer. However, Honda CRVs can not tow heavy campers,  only can tow teardrop trailers, pop-up trailers, and stand-up trailers.

Like it was said before, a Honda CR-V is an excellent car for pulling your trailer along your trip. However, since the vehicle’s towing capacity is limited, namely only up to 1500 lbs, you need to measure your trailer first and see if it is compatible with your SUV. The maximum trailer size that this can pull is about 3000 lbs, but that depends on the weight filled in the trailer itself, called the dry weight. If you fill your trailer with dry weight, you should note how it affects the size because your Honda CR-V can only pull up to its capacity. Therefore, to give valuable recommendations, the Honda CR-V can only pull small-sized trailers, the types of which can be seen below.

These three types of trailers are perfect for towing along for a Honda CR-V because of their considerable sizes. The left is a teardrop trailer, the middle is a stand-up trailer, and the right is a pop-up trailer. Nevertheless, it would help if you record whatever you are loading in these small trailers because too much in them would prove to be a burden for your Honda CR-V. An excellent way to do it is to stay at least 20% below the maximum tow capacity so that you can use it up in the case of an emergency. To elucidate these recommendations more, things can be made easier for you by shedding light on these small trailers one by one. Firstly, the teardrop trailer is an excellent option for anyone who loves adventures and trips but has a minimal towing capacity, like a Honda CR-V. This particular trailer can be towed by any vehicle, let alone this one. Its small and aerodynamic structure lets you latch it on your car and pull it along quickly. It does not even block the rearview mirror!

Next, if you are not a fan of the teardrop trailer for your own opinions, you can look at a stand-up trailer. This is a teardrop trailer, but it is called ‘stand-up’ for a reason. They are small campers that you can ‘stand up in, and they are comfortable to sleep in as well. Their small size and weight are bonus points as their interiors are spacious in themselves and can fit in extra storage without putting up a burden for your Honda CR-V. However, if this type of trailer does not suit you or your Honda, too, then you can always look towards the pop-up camper. This trailer is also relatively small in size, and it has folding-out sections at its sides. These fold-outs are made of flexible material, like a canvas, making their functions easier. No matter what kind of trailer you choose, make sure it is small and fits your Honda CR-V’s 1500 lbs towing capacity!

So let us see can Honda CR-V tow a travel trailer:

Can a Honda CR-V Pull a Camper?

No, Honda CR-V can not pull a typical camper, only vehicles up to 1500 pounds. However, Honda CR-V can pull only light campers such as teardrop trailers, pop-up trailers, and stand-up trailers. Usually, the average weight of campers is 5000 pounds, so you should not try to tow such a heavy vehicle using Honda CR-V.

To make an adventurous camping trip or something similar, you might need one of these. These are often called campers or recreational vehicles (RV). They are super helpful for trips because these motor vehicles or trailers act as a home to live in when you are on your journey. Since different amenities of home accompany them, they are sure to come in handy when one needs a good night’s sleep amidst a forest or a beach. They are usually driven by themselves, but some families prefer to tow these campers instead of driving them. You might be thinking of doing the same thing with your Honda CR-V. Well, here is some bad news…a Honda CR-V cannot tow a camper or an RV. This is because, just like it was explained above, the Honda CR-V does not have enough capacity to pull a vehicle as heavy as a camper like this one. Even if you would empty a camper and leave nothing but a hollow space in it, your Honda CR-V would not be able to pull it as a typical RV weighs a lot, and the number does not sit well with the vehicle’s 1500 lbs towing capacity. Your best strategy here would be to drive the RV by itself or tow a smaller camper, like a teardrop trailer.


If you are going on a trip where you plan to stay for at least two weeks, one of your options would be to rent a caravan or a travel trailer. A travel trailer is a compact home that can be towed behind a road vehicle. It is beneficial for a long adventurous trip because it serves as a tiny home and can be more protective from dangerous predators or unwelcome visitors due to its large size than other types of camper vehicles. Besides that, a travel trailer is also beneficial because it is more affordable than a motorhome and comes in different sizes and shapes. Hence, if you are interested in renting a travel trailer for your next trip and plan to tow it behind your Honda CR-V, you need to pay adherence to the camper’s weight and size. Travel trailers come in many sizes and weights, from 1200 pounds to almost 9000 pounds. However, this weight also depends upon the dry weight they have. Hence, your Honda CR-V can tow a travel trailer if it meets its towing capacity, and if you manage to find one that is compatible, then all is well and good!

Can a Honda CR-V Pull a Small Camper?

Yes, Honda CR-V can pull a small camper,  up to 1500 pounds. Like we already said, Honda CR-V can pull only light campers such as teardrop trailers, pop-up trailers, and stand-up trailers.

For your Honda CR-V, a small camper will be a suitable choice. A small trailer is tiny, and it can be towed easily without any haggle of time or burden over your road vehicle or you. This is because this camper is very aerodynamic and can easily pull along the road. Therefore, it can be said that a small camper is similar to a small trailer, and the words can even be used interchangeably. Hence, it is easy enough to know that a Honda CR-V, with its 1500 lbs capacity, can pull along a small camper. However, even though its size is small, don’t be disappointed that you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of a travel trailer or a big camper because a small camper has benefits of its own. For one thing, it is very cheap, which is why you can save money to spend on the entertaining bits of your trip.

honda cr-v tow boat

Can a Honda CR-V Pull a Boat?

Yes, Honda CR-V can pull boats such as sailboats from 14 to 20 feet (400 to 800 pounds) and skiffs (300 to 900 pounds). However, sailboats from 20 to 30 feet weigh from 4000 to 8000 pounds and Honda CR-V can not pull them because Honda CR-V’s tow capacity is up to 1500 pounds.

Lastly, since we have covered almost every towing vehicle we can pull along with a road one, which is why these questions had arisen for a Honda CR-V in the first place, now is the time to ponder upon pulling a boat, and whether the Honda CR-V is up for the challenge? Fortunately, the vehicle can pull a small boat or other watercraft, like a jet ski! This is because the towing capacity of this car is up to 1500 lbs, as it was stated above. If you and your family are planning to take a trip down to the lake or near a water body, your Honda CR-V will prove to come in handy as it can easily tow a small boat. However, it would help if you were mindful of some aspects. Firstly, you need to ensure that your CR-V can safely tow a boat on the road. You need to check the driver assistance features and see the circumstances when you reach a hill. You have to make sure that you are breaking your CR-V at the right time not to let loose of your boat or have it hit the back of your SUV. These brakes can also help you with an emergency. There are a few things to be kept in mind for towing a boat with Honda CR-V. This includes the weight of the boat. As mentioned above, Honda CR-V comes with a towing capacity of 1500 pounds; hence it can handle a small boat in some ideal situations. When towing a boat, be sure that everyone around you is safe, so better not push your limits and keep your Honda CR-V away from risks.
Hence, by reading this blog, you can see the different types of campers and trailers that the Honda CR-V can pull. Honda CR-V is the best solution as it solves all your issues about towing a boat, camper, etc. Because of its roomy structure, the car is ideal for camping or an adventurous trip, and by choosing the right towing vehicle, you are all set to venture out!

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